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tv   KTVU FOX 2 News at 630pm  FOX  June 1, 2016 6:30pm-7:01pm PDT

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condition. the suspect ran off and about 10 minutes later police confronted him nearby and there was another shooting. >> all of a sudden i heard a pop pop pop. >> authorities say a detective was shot twice in the 2nd confrontation. he is reported to be in stable condition. the gunman got away. he's described as latino, about 6 feet tall and was last seen wearing shorts and an orange giant t-shirt. back now to our coverage of the president all race. >> earlier we should you the donald trump rally in sacramento. bernie sanders is also campaigning in northern california. he said to speak in davis later tonight. earlier this afternoon he held a rally in palo alto. >> reporter: in palo alto the only thing hotter than the midday sun is a race between senator bernie sanders and his rival. different of enthusiastic crowd.
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his vision of change. >> our message in this campaign of creating a nation in a vision , based on social justice, economic justice, racial justice . >> reporter: senator sanders has mostly been in california last week. aides say he planned to stay. >> right now we are fighting as hard as we can. we spoke to him one-on-one to learn his strategy for overcoming a seemingly insurmountable lead by secretary hillary clinton. he says superdelegates hold the key to his success. >> take a hard look at which candidate is most likely to defeat donald trump. the truth is, that candidate is bernie sanders. >> reporter: earlier in the day he attended a town hall style meeting. with members of the asian american and pacific islander committee. he fielded questions on global
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conflict and climate change. immigration and healthcare. >> we are raising hundreds of billions of dollars having people fill out tracy forms, having people on the other side working in those hospitals, telling you is that you had this coverage but you don't. >> reporter: his rhetoric found welcoming years on this free campaign event. >> california, turn it around for him. i am definitely casting my vote. bernie sanders. >> if you can pull of the revolution he can kickstart this revolution. >> we have to focus on the next 4 years. we must start a revolution now. and carry on for a number of elections. >> reporter: the hope from sanders and supporters is to take the energy from rallies like today and transfer it into for turnout -- voter turnout.
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he believes he can create a synergy between several votes he can do well on tuesday and actually win. hillary clinton is headed back to california starting tomorrow she will spend 5 days in the state. her husband will also be in california. bill clinton will be at shasta college in redding. hillary clinton picked up the endorsement yesterday from jerry brown. a candlelight vigil is underway at pittsburg high school -- pittburg high school to remember to high school students who drowned. the 2 students fell into the river in amador county on saturday. one boy was a senior in the other had graduated. the 2 teenagers were swept away in the river. governor jerry brown and
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other state officials are getting a pay raise. the 4% hike was approved today by an appointed citizens panel. it goes from $180,000 to by an appointed citizens panel. it goes from $180,000-$190,000. the commissions chairman says the despite the increase the lawmakers salaries are less than they were before the start of the recession. beekeepers are urging the california legislature to pass a bill that would protect bees from harmful pesticides. there's been a dramatic decline in honeybee populations in recent years. scientist say toxic pesticides a part of the reason. the bill called the california politer protection act would eliminate the sale of pesticides known as the onyx at home and garden source. supporters say consumers need to be better informed about plants that have been pretreated with be feeling pesticides. >> these are critical to the food and farming system. they're responsible for one in 3 foods we eat. as well as over $6 billion in
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the california economy. >> lawmakers are expected to take up the pollinator protection at a for the end of the week. oakland students turning to teachers. the message they have for other kids and how they say be mindful has changed their lives. also the key vote by the san francisco police commission the could have officers wearing body cameras by summer.
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a group of students in
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oakland can add author to the list of accomplishments. they've written a book that has now been published and you can actually buy it on amazon. >> your face will turn red. >> reporter: these 7th graders are published authors. they talk about their book to this 2nd grade class. the book is about a practice called mindfulness. >> when someone cut in front of me in line at the cafeteria, i have the mindfulness to settle myself down and let it be. >> reporter: the book is called master of mindfulness have to be your own superhero in times of stress. it was written by these students 2 years ago when they were in the 5th grade. it was written brother students. the book just came out a few months ago and appears to be a hit. it's in its 3rd printing. >> it feels awesome the kids know about this book. >> i feel so proud and honored
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how my class mates and i -- classmates and i made this book. it feels amazing. >> reporter: the book explains mindfulness and teaches students how to call themselves when they are angry or nervous teaching them to think before they act. studies show classes that use mindfulness have higher test scores and fewer behavior problems. >> i was stressed out because i had a lot of death in the family. i couldn't get my mind straight. mindfulness really helped me change my life. >> when kids are feeling emotional when they are feeling overly stimulated or angry, they need moment to come down. and to stop and take a breather before the next series of actions. >> reporter: royalties for the book go toward scholarships when the authors are ready for college. state water providers say
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california water managers have put undue pressure's on them to release to farmers and residents. providers say there rights supersede california lot. the states water control board moved last year to find one water district $1.5 million for ignoring in order to stop releases. the water providers ignored the order saying their senior rights trumped the law. >> the districts that have senior water rights, the ones that have pre-1914 water rights supersede those of the state. >> managers failed to pursue -- produce enough evidence and have since dropped the fine. san francisco police reached an agreement on officers wearing body cameras. tonight the police commission is taking a look at the issue. up next, when officers could potentially where the cameras. we are tracking the inland
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the san francisco police commission is set to discuss the topic of body cameras. they could be wearing the cameras come august if the police commission gives the okay. one issue is whether officers will be allowed to look at footage before filing reports. >> reporter: the deadly shooting
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last december added fuel to the argument that officers should wear body cameras. in april came another fatal police shooting and 2 weeks ago jessica nelson williams. after weeks of protesting the chiefs resignation tuesday the officers association voted unanimously for a policy requiring officers to wear body cams. >> they want to show that the cops are doing it right 99.9% of the time. >> reporter: he says officers have already -- have always wanted body worn cameras that want to be able to view the footage before offering statements. >> we compromised with the aclu, the san francisco bar association, the of us in the -- office of citizen complaints. they were looking for a state of mind of the officer when i had to deploy the full force. according to the policy officers will offer a brief initial statement about the brief initial statement and then a full statement.
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body cameras -- >> they will be a powerful tool . they will provide an instant and impartial account of events. they're very important terms of transparency. and accountability. >> >> reporter: sfpd disagrees. >> the mind doesn't work with a video camera. and certainly under stressful events it does not. >> it also will show the public what police officers, just here but nationwide going through. more so now than ever with the assault on police officers. how cops were treated. day in and day out on the street by career criminals. >> reporter: we were unable to reach anyone on the police commission for comment regarding this story. but most expect the new body camera policy to pass at tonight's commission meeting. to the weather. a little cooler around the bay
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area. >> a little cooler out there. little warmer tomorrow. hot inland and cool in the coast. we are in the center pattern. -- summer pattern. it will cool off toward the end of the 5 day forecast. there it is. that is san francisco. you will see the fog moving and every once in a while identify able structure. it's cold out there. it's checking weather. if you are in livermore, it's like what are you talking about? i have the t-shirt on and it's in the 90s. the fog stays along the coast and pushes inland. but not very far. here is the situation. you see the yellows and greens, the marine air pushing them.
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livermore 85. concorde 86. napa a little cooler with 70. the cool coast has the marching order. high pressure creates a bit of a north, northwest wind. but not enough to blow the fog out. but enough to keep it at the coast. that is why you're in the low 60s. inland tomorrow allelic today. more suppression of the fog along the coast. that will allow temperatures to increase. the purples are 100s. the is a classic, almost a classic summer footprint. i expect a little more red deeper into concorde. san francisco patchy fog tomorrow morning. tomorrow afternoon, 65 or 66 at the end of the day. mostly sunny. fog on twin peaks on the west
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side. temperatures in 7 cisco could reach 70. today they were about 60. 68 in sausalito tomorrow. 93 and vacaville. 86 in martina. the inland valley remaining toasty. air quality the 1st one of the summer season. not unexpected. tomorrow and thursday a lot like today. friday, about the same. saturday a little warmer. sunday things start to cool off in more of an impressive way with more clouds. by monday it's much cooler even inland. a really classic late spring or early summer pattern. fire danger is starting to come onto the radar. >> will have a hockey game at 95. thanks bill. the sharks are trying to
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get even with the penguins. game 2 of the stanley cup final. that game being played in pittsburgh. >> lebron james arrived with the cavaliers. they're getting ready for the nba finals tomorrow at oracle. right now we will check in on wednesday evening commute. this is a look at 880 in oakland. cars heading toward it downtown oakland its easy-going. a little slower in the other direction heading towards the oakland airport. >> interstate 80, busy like normal. the other lanes heading toward the bay bridge are very light at this hour.
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i think we'll have to do our part because sharks, they are having a rough go. they are done one count -- one game to nothing and they are down 1 point right now. take a look at the scoreless 1st period. in the 2nd period nick to fill
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who redirected it in. it is one-0. have another look. we are at the closing moments of the 2nd period. the sharks are working a power- play situation. hopefully they will get even right there. have good news for the oakland 80s who are playing a -- they won 5 in a row. they cleaned the twins out. a beautiful afternoon for baseball. a country breakfast. an rbi single and 2 runs will not score. even though 2 were in scoring position. lowry is in which made it 2-0. in the 4th inning it's jake smolinski. a fine homerun swing. the a's on the way to victory. 6 innings, being recalled for
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the minor leagues. look at is a big-time left-hand style. the a's pull away with what was their 5th consecutive victory. 5-1 the final. things are shakeup -- shaky for the giants. their leading in the 7th inning. take a look at the scoreboard. the power show was in exhibit. support, showing off one of the 3 rings. there is a home run. it puts them on the board in the 4th inning. 2-0 lead. however the braves have fought back and closed the gap. here's the tough news. hunter pulls a. he is a key ingredient in the giants early season success. it's being called it right leg injury. that is all we know.
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the status of hunter in doubt. the giants are leading 4-3. let's talk about warriors. 24 hours away from him one of the nba finals. you know who is in town. the cleveland cavaliers. and lebron. let's take a look at the scene at oracle. the press people getting credentials. and everyone getting ready. the media out in full force. there's only one guy they wanted to see. a couple of reporters telling me lebron had his game face on. he was not in a good mood. a little cranky. however he and staff did meet with the media and talked about -- stephen curry did meet with the media and talked about them being some sort of rival. everyone looking for a story. >> talk about rivalries talk about it's hard to say lebron and stefan.
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the fact that we are going back to back, i think it's unique. >> us being back here against the cavaliers is a storyline. as a basketball fan it's pretty cool we have 2 teams thing for the same trophy once again. and trying to play a high level. at the end of the day that is all i am worried about. >> that is the cool thing about stephen curry. everyone trying to find out why he should be better than lebron. he says it's not about that. the other thing you need to know about lebron james, no athlete in any sport has ever gone to the championship 6 straight years. and that is what lebron has done with miami and of course we went. i don't think it's a coincidence that his teams seem to make it to the final. however, he is only has 2 titles.
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>> it's interesting to see the size difference. >> like david and goliath. >> stephen curry look ugly is. thanks mark. our coverage continues right now. we know you've been working on the latest information. >> it's a big news day is be continue to follow the breaking news. 2 officers were shot by a man. the mao is now on the run. -- the man is on the run. we will take you there with a live report. also donald trump is here. supporters are packed into the airplane hangar in sacramento. we're live there and will join you for a full report. also bernie sanders stopped by in palo alto. we will hear from him as well. these headlines plus what we know about today's shooting on the ucla campus.
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